Sep 11, 2011

Stained glass

Watercolours on 10x10cm paper.

I thought I'd spend heaps of time painting these holidays, because I just miss it so much during the semester - 'it' being free time, time to do my own work in my own style. Like this little piece. But as always this free time mostly turned into a break from art itself, especially because of how easy it becomes to procrastinate and avoid working in my studio when I know that if anything I should be doing all the holiday homework we were set for painting... but I'm over abstraction, and the fact that I can't take it seriously is so demotivating. So the past couple of weeks were spent on lots of road tripping, tramping, experimental vegan cooking/baking, reading, and catching up with people I haven't seen since art school swallowed me up.

It's been wonderful. And although it's not much, the handful of little paintings and drawings like this one were so refreshing, and I'm feeling somewhat inspired again.

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